Evolution of High School Football Recruiting

Evolution of High School Football Recruiting

Written by: James Washington

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It is the dream of most young men in America to pursue a career in America football, so is it with all coaches to attract the best of talent that is offered. Accompanying the sport is the craze, the glamour, highlight and anything glorious twined with fame. The sport gains more traction not because it brings life luxuries but like every sport, it presents a chance to express one’s talent. Change in eminent on every speckle of life and so is the game.

High school football is so popular coming in at third place preceded by professional football and college football. High school football has been placed to actively facilitate a transition from high school to college by offering scholarships merited by the level of play. High school football has been used as the preliminary scorecard to determine a player’s future in the game.

Coaches have routinely developed more advanced ways to capture the best talents that there is from tender age focusing more on high school recruitment. They have turned to harness the powers of social media.

Social media has totally revolutionized every aspect of life as we comprehend it. Football has not been spared either. Every actor in the scope is evolving too from high-schools, players and coaches try to capture a competitive edge.

With a vigorous presence on the net, social media has transformed from a tool used to interact with friends, web surfing, streaming movies and wasting hours on end playing games

The trend now is that you can use social media to communicate and market yourself and brands to masses out there. Information is disbursed and interacted with in real time by thousands or maybe millions if not a billion of the populace. Connections are created for you to receive and see what others are up to.

How High School Football Recruiting  Has Transitioned In The Last Ten Years

Unlike several other sports like soccer, basketball or softball that the receiving coaches do not physically interact or in very few occasions interact with their predecessors in regards to their joining players, football coaches have to be on set.

Despite conventional means of recruitment grown and technology set in and set new trends of conducting business, which is ever evolving.

Football coaches will have organized visits, provide information on players’ character and offer advice. High school coaches still play a significant role despite the tactics having changed in recruiting. Their involvement in helping their players to be recruited has not been altered.

A coach’s involvement with a player influences the recruitment of the player. The off field and on field interactions, Players perspective on the coach is critical to building a relationship that can aid in recruitment.

Through the years coaches have seen the impact realized by employing technology in recruiting. In the recent past, as late as the last decade, they have seen communication devices develop from convenient modes of communication to recruits to a great and dynamic means that has been used to transmit and market brands.

With software like Hudl, a player can make their content known” what they are made of” -their competence skill and level of play. In days past coaches would make films highlighting a player skill just to have their name out there, save for the recruiting part. With the onset of social media, call it Facebook, Instagram, Telebird, twitter and the list grows on and on, the scope of referral and capturing attention has changed.

Granted, having to watch the player viciously do their tackles and pads in the games is tremendously rewarding, opportunities to showcase skill and competences have gone beyond the usual play day-night light floods.


There is so much more now that is happening beyond the normal tendency of recruitment in high school football, despite that the coach’s influence in recruitment is still valid and plays an integral part. Openings that Nike and competing brands bring about, among them are Nike camps and many other different platforms which are presented by various other organizations. There are entries that are sprouting bearing similarities with AAU basketball and 7-on-7 teams to showcase players’ abilities. These teams are taking national tours to expose players to recruiters which is not a bad thing to have extra exposure.

The realization of some recruiting aspects changing and evolving further as the future unfolds has made high school coaches imply that football may as well be like other sports, diminishing their influence or making them irrelevant altogether.

A worrying trend  that has cropped-up is the rising number of sites that chronicle a players’ every stride. They ambush the player with consistent harassment given that there are no rules governing them.


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