Football Heroes Who Began Their Careers In Small Towns

Football Heroes Who Began Their Careers In Small Towns


Written by: Roman Daniels

Many popular football heroes began their careers in a small stage and worked hard to become the best not only in their town, but in the entire country. This article mainly looks at football stars who began their careers from a humble beginning.

Most veteran football players were better and faster due to their humble beginnings. In small towns, parents watch the games from the stands and the atmosphere in most games was crisper and more brighter. Nobody cared if you would make it as a professional athlete, this naivety protected dreams and kept the game fun.

Football Heroes Who Began Their Careers In Small Towns

1. Jerry Rice 

Jerry Rice is a player who is considered to be one of the best receivers in history. He had a very successful career as a professional football player and very few knew his background.

He was the number one pick during the NFL draft back in 1985. He studied in a small college in Mississippi and few believed that he would go on to become one of the greatest players in NFL history.

2. Walter Payton

Walter Payton is another player who began his career in a small town and worked harder than the rest to achieve his dreams. He played college in Mississippi where he developed his skills and impressed many scouts who went to watch him play. His amazing skills proved to everyone that he was ready for the big stage.

3.  Donald Driver

Donald Driver was born and raised in a small town called Houston in Texas. He also got his education in Alcorn State college and managed to be voted as athlete of the year for approximately five years. This achievement made him popular and he was quickly noticed by The Packers.

5. Tony Romo

This talented football player is mainly popular because of his amazing athleticism. He had a natural ability that allowed him to pursue his career of becoming a professional football player. He was so good during his college days that his jersey was retired and he gained a legendary status.

He began his career in Burlington and attended college in Eastern Illinois. He went on to play as a quarterback for the Dallas cowboys in the NFL for approximately fourteen seasons.

6. Marques Colston 

Marques Colston was destined for greatness despite beginning his career in a small town. His father played in the Canadian Football League and after a successful career at Pennsylvania high school, Marques was ready for the big stage.


Despite starting their careers in a small towns, the football players described above exhibited great values like commitment,dedication and hard work. Despite coming from a humble beginning, they all had successful football careers and proved that anyone can succeed regardless of where they came from.


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