Awesome Tips for Going to a High School Football Game

Written by: Shane Warren, Publisher

High school football game is gridiron football played by top school teams in the United States and Canada. It ranks among the most popular interscholastic sports in both countries. It is also famous amongst American High school teams in Europe.

High school football game began in the early 19th century, coincident with the start of many college football programs. In the first 20th and late 19th century, many college and high school teams played against one another. Other traditions of high school football such as pep rallies, marching bands, mascots, and homecomings mirrored from college football. No right minor league farm organizations exist in American football game. So, therefore, high school football game is universally considered to be the third tier of American football in the United States, behind professional and college competition. It is the first level of play in which a player will accumulate statistics, which will determine his chances of competing at the college level, and ultimately the professional level if he is talented enough.

They say football is king, and it’s not for nothing. And while Saturdays belong to BCS-beleaguered college football and Sundays to the bounty-placing, money-hungry NFL, Friday night is the pure sport. It’s the night when all over America young men step out onto the amphitheater to fight for their old alma mater. In an age of enormous highways and fading small towns, high school football game has the power to ignite and unite a town as few things can. Year after year, the faithful supporters live and die with the team’s record. More so than just a winning football program, it is those fans who make a town one of the best high school football towns in America.

There is two best high school football game in small towns in Units State, such as follow: Odessa, Texas and Valdosta, Georgia.

Odessa, Texas

Although Lufkin High has enjoyed a more successful run in the 21st century and has its devoted fans, 300 miles east lies a place where the citizens sleep, eat, and breathe high school football game. The town is home to Odessa Permian High Panthers and was the motivation for the TV show, book, and movie Friday Night Lights, which was a spot-on portrayal of the enthusiasm of small-town football. Here in Odessa, it’s not uncommon to hear the annual game against nearby Midland Lee referred to as a “blood rivalry.” Come game night, 20,000 people pack Ratliff Stadium to clang cowbells, pound the bleachers, and chant for the “ mojo” of their beloved Panthers.

Valdosta, Georgia

Among this claims to fame are Doc Holliday once lived here, there’s an excellent fire department, and it has the right to call itself “Winnersville, USA.” It earned this right mainly through its Valdosta High Wildcats’ national-best record of 205 losses and 869 wins. In 2008, ESPN and fans around the nation made it declaring,  official the burg “TitleTown” on the strength of not just the town’s 23 state titles but the teams’ relationships with the town and its people. Ten thousand strong turnout for the football game against Lowndes High each year and the average crowd is 7,500. One former player summed up playing ball in Valdosta best: “I’d give my whole college career to play one more game in a Wildcat uniform, and that’s not just me. That’s anyone who ever wore that uniform.”



So you’re about to attend high school football game in small town. With all of the fans, both home and away, plus the bustle of a zillion people who know exactly where they’re supposed to be, the vibe can be a little intimidating for a first-timer.

Below are the tips for attending  high school football game in small town in United State:

Go with Friends

Do not go alone! I repeat, do not go alone! You’ll want to attend your first game with a group of friends. Whether you’re a huge football fan or a first-time viewer, the crowd can be intimidating if you go solo. Plus, everything is more fun with your squad.


Book your accommodation if you have a set schedule, feel free to book accommodation for the duration of your trip in high school football game in small town, but if you are going there for long-term, then book just the first few days. Once you know the dates you’ll be at your destination; there is no real reason not to find a place to stay. My view is that waiting will lead to you losing your top picks.


Imagine walking into a meal in small town and being unaware of the dining customs; that thought alone is enough to put even the most confident person on edge. Anyone traveling to high school football game should utilize these tips for dining in different cultures to help make your dining experience successful and pleasurable.

The most important thing about dining in another town or culture is thoroughly researching the culture

Good Eats!

beforehand. Each small town has a different set of dining standards, both formal and informal. You should not only investigate the dining experience but also find out the types of food that often consumed for your family in that town. Being knowledgeable about what you are eating will help you make a smooth transition from your dining experience to that of another culture. Moreover, one of the essential things to remember when dining in traveling is to be open-minded and incredibly aware of your facial expressions and body language. If you are like most people, you tend to gravitate toward comfort food and avoid items that may look weird. The best thing about cultural dining can experiment with foods that are outside of your regular indulgences. However, you must test these foods in an open-minded, tactful manner. In essence, avoid making snide remarks or comments about the food prepared by those of another culture; instead, fully engage in the dining experience and be willing to try new foods.

Game Ticket

A game ticket is $6 per person, considering if you are going with your family, and you can get a drink for a dollar and a burger for about $2.50 at most high football school games. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, and, in most cases, you’ll be supporting a group such as a band or a campus organization.

Dress and prepare for the weather

Make sure you check the atmospheric conditions for that day and dress accordingly. Some cases, it might be crazy hot, and even though I had on a “breezy” dress, I really should’ve gone with shorts and a no-sleeve blouse. Also, bring along things to help you keep cold (or warm). Consider bringing a small hand fan, if it’s going to be as hot as it was for your the first game. And if it’s going to be much more relaxed, consider bringing a blanket or sweater. And if there is a chance it might rain, I suggest carrying a hoodie and a small compacted umbrella. Overall, make sure you prepared for whatever weather you find yourself facing that day.

Go to a Home Game

Always keep your first football game experience at home. The spirit is way more enthusiastic and the crowd much more boisterous. There’s no real need to travel to an away game unless you’re a diehard fan or a Football Mom.

Wear School Colors

Even if you aren’t the most school spirited person, you should deck yourself out in school colors. And have fun with it. From crafting a cute outfit with your colors, wearing a friend’s jersey, or doing your nails, there is no wrong way to sport your school shades.

Where you sit, matters

Ensure you sit behind a bunch of people that are tall, and you can’t see the game. Also, aim to sit where you are facing (close enough to) directly in front of the center of the field. It’ll make seeing the game more comfortable and also watch what happens on the sidelines. Whether it be the other team, the band, or even occasionally taking the brief look at the cheerleaders, you want to experience it all. It’s your first game!

Go Varsity

It’s nice to support the younger Junior Varsity players, especially if they’re your favorite, but the real game you want to see is Varsity. These are your upperclassmen who have a lot more at stake than the pride of winning. Even if you don’t like football, you’ll find yourself cheering wildly as the quarterback sprints down the field.

Get Snacks Before Halftime

Halftime is the break of the game where everyone gets out of their seats to grab refreshments and use the restroom. It’s chaotic, it’s crowded, and it’s crazy. Avoid this giant traffic jam by getting snacks during an annoying moment of the game—and make a bathroom run while you’re up!

 Watch the Halftime Show

Another reason to stay seated during halftime is to watch the show! During halftime, the cheerleaders come out to perform more elaborate routines, the dance team skips onto the field to do a little number, and the band plays their best tunes. Make sure to catch the show, if you can’t keep your attention on the game.

Cheers Require Audience Participation

Warning: Some of the joys are call-and-response. Means that the cheerleaders will address the crowd and wait for its response. You may want to learn these cheers ahead of time if you don’t want to look lost.

Bring Something to Sit On Comfortably

Bleachers are not comfortable. You’ll be sitting for a while so bring something fluffy, or at least warm, to cushion your seat. While you’re at it, bring a blanket to snuggle up with when the sun goes down. Football season is a cold time!

Enjoy Yourself!

Maybe most importantly, have fun. Even if you don’t know the first thing about football, the point is to cheer on your classmates in the ultimate display of school spirit and make some new friends in the process.

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