Dining Tips when visiting a Small Town

Written by: Shane Warren, Publisher

When traveling for a high school football game, you need to have everything planned out
including where to dine after the game.  American football is no doubt one of the
most grueling and calorie-consuming sports. That means you need to get a proper
meal when the match is over just to refuel the body and savor your worked-up
appetite. If the game is happening in a small town, you may need to have some
ideas on the kind of restaurants to go to. Giving your team the best treat is
a must you know, whether it wins or loses.

So here are some of the favorite Dining tips when visiting a small town after
completion of a football game:

Fast Food Restaurant

After a rather tiring football game, you need a quick snack to fill up your
stomach. And you can only enjoy that in a fast food restaurant. In such as
restaurant, you can order for pizza, burger, French fries and/or fried chicken
and start dining right away. Grabbing an ice-cold drink or some yogurt can also
go a long way in replenishing your lost energy during the game. So as a team, you
need to know what each one of you is going to have or you can as well agree
unanimously on the type of food you will be eating.

Barbeque Restaurant

The meats are a really good serving, especially for an American football player.
So if there’s any Barbeque restaurant around, you can do yourself a healthy favor
by visiting it right after the game. You can feel free to order smoked fish, grilled
steak, roasted chicken and/or barbeque sandwich and top the meal up with some ice
cold Coca-Cola or any of your favorite cold drink. Slow-cooked BBQ foods can
really be tasty and they are good for the stomach too. With this kind of foods,
your body can start getting the much-needed protein and higher fat content that will
get you warming up for pre-season.

Buffet-Style Restaurant

A team of football players usually thinks and works as one. But when it comes to dining,
every player has his own favorite snack or dish. While some may be grounded on getting pizza,
fries and/or fried chicken, others choices may be all about BBQ steak, hamburgers, sauces,
salads and soft drinks. To avoid the mix-up or the hassle of asking who will be eating what,
it’s better to go to a buffet-style restaurant so everything can pick what he fancies most. The
after-match dining is all about eating good and replenishing the lost energy. And if indeed the
team won the game, it calls for a celebration. What better way can there be to celebrate than
getting all sorts of foods and drinks on the table?

The Food Shacks

Food Shack

In a small town, the number of decent and upscale restaurants is likely to be less if not tiny.
And as you can guess, the food shacks may be all over the place. What really matters when
dining isn’t the size restaurant or the place you’ve visited. Rather it is food, customer
service and the ambiance that dictates the kind of dining experience you’ll enjoy. So if you
can find a shack that serves good chicken, grilled steak, smoked salmon, fried eggs, fresh
juice and/or ice cold soft drinks, why not give it a try?


As you can see, there are many dining options you can have as a football team whenever
your team playing away in or near a small town. You don’t really have to get to your
hometown to enjoy the meal you so crave for. Carrying a few snacks and drinks in the bus
can be a good idea but dining in a restaurant is way better as it offers a variety of foods,
which may be available at decent prices. Post game dining needs a good set of foods and you
can only get them at the restaurant or food shack near you.

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