High School Football Rivalries

Written by: Shane Warren, Publisher

High school football rivalries are something else, especially if you are trying to achieve to be that good in
college.  States like Texas, high school football is such a very big thing, it is an absolute talking
sport. This is a sport that whose results you will be talking about in your local locker rooms, dinner tables, coffee shops and all.

With that mentioned, it is not a removable fact that rivalries will be present. In fact, it is one hot
thing it Texas small town High School football games. This makes Texas high
school football so much fun, they are those that you talk about in any
situation, when things start and when things end.

So, rivalries huh?

These are the famous rivalries that locally found in Texas, specifically some high school football rivalries
that you can find. Check these out, and pretty sure you will be able to find
your own favorite team! Just do not look for some fight between schools! That is not healthy.

Arkansas High vs. Texas High

This one has been the hottest Texas high school rivalries. This is one of the high school football rivalries  that you will be comparing similarly to the present-generation Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. They have
been named as the longest and they own the undisputed title of Texas’ Best Interstate Rivalry.

New Braunfels vs. Seguin

How epic is this rivalry? Even their own respective mayors do some fun by having their own bets
in which who will win the games! That is something amazing.

Dallas Kimball vs Dallas Carter

Of course! The battle between the two Dallas(ses)! Which one is Dallas’ finest and the
best? They have this amazing bragging rights on the line. They have something
that is like some memorable battles of the very long years!

But do schools really hate each other?

We do not actually know, but there is an obvious community of disagreement between the two
different schools. They have a border between each other, and they do some
stupid things with each other!

Players, maybe hate each other. But absolutely the school administrations, they do not! However,
these rivalry schools have done some stupid pranks on each other. They do not just some simple pranks, but pranks that really offend both of the groups. They are quite interesting though.

Will they be better someday?

Absolutely! High school rivalries will not last forever, it is just something that would pump up
students and schools. Very soon enough, you or they will come soon to realize
that those things were just there for some kind of fun. That when you will reach
college, those are just things that you will laugh about.

High School Football Rivalries are absolutely interesting and so exciting! They boost up the confidence of the students, the schools, the fans and the families! Without these rivalries, the battle between
two schools would just be something that is scheduled on the corner. These rivalries bring
color to the games, especially in small-town high school football rivalries.


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