Magic of Small Town Living

Written by: Leslie Styles

The hustle and bustle of the city can get a tad bit frustrating. Traffic is a mess and help is always paid. Nights consist of clubbing and parties and drinks! Yes, it can be exciting or invigorating but it gets old sometimes and it may wear one out.

There are days when you just want to silence the bellowing of sirens and honks, especially when your apartment is in the middle of the city because those never stop! There are times you just wish to escape the great city and experience a rather relaxed and laid-back environment or go back to where you most likely came from – the small town. Right there, is the magic of small town living.

I Know You”

In small towns, you get to be friends with everyone, be in first name basis. The guy who owns the biggest bakery in town, he could have been your uncle if your aunt didn’t break up with him in their senior year in High School. The barber in town, he’s the best in the field coz he’s the only one with a barbershop around. Help always comes handy, when your car breaks down, there’s no friendlier group of people than small town folks!

They would come right to your rescue, try to fix your car, and even buy you a beer! When you’re in a small town, you can’t be too nice because everyone around you is. Also, everywhere you go you bump into a person or two who would most likely start his sentence with “I know you…”and put in reference with whom they know you’re related with and they turn out right.

The Friday Night Frenzy

Also, Friday nights in small towns are a big thing! Goodbye huge stadiums, bright lights, and millions of crowds in city life because Friday Night Football in small towns may not be as ostentatious, but the spirit of the attendees can set a whole stadium on fire! Two elderly men would have to mow the tiny field prior to said event and set the whole place up for the game, but once the adrenaline of the two opposing high school football team kicks in, you know it’s bound to get serious. It’s all part of the magic of small town living.

You would most likely know all the team members or even family with some of them or you may even know the coach personally. The quarterbacks will make a speech, a promise to not let his school and his team down – and so will the coaches. On the field, screams would get loud as the team starts grinding their teeth and the school colors and team banners will be up in the air and the battle begins! You will also be sitting in the edge of your seat hoping your team wins, then during the halftime break intermission kicks in.

Do not underestimate small town football because they do have intermission numbers and the school cheerleaders will do their best to impress the crowd. Seeing and personally knowing those girls dancing their way to the hearts of the crowd makes things even more special.

What Love Means

In small towns, however, you don’t just fall in love with the people – you fall in love with the peace. It’s a place where you can actually get time for yourself. It’s a perfect place for you to relax and unwind. Being surrounded by people who actually care for you is a plus, but the serenity of the lake or the mountains will reignite that peace within you.

It’s something you can’t really find in the city – silence. It could be boring at times because WiFi tends to have a weak signal or that cable isn’t really a thing, but you don’t know small town if you don’t have first-hand experience with actually getting your hands dirty trying to fix the chicken coop or doing away with your laptop or cell phone for a full day or so.

Yes, there are disadvantages to living in a small town like there’s no Starbucks or doughnuts. Also, there aren’t any malls and if there are, they close at around 5 or 6 pm and you have to drive about a mile or two to get to the nearest 7/11. There is not another kind of the place in the world where you feel you’re most safe or that you belong though, no.  The magic of small town living isn’t just a way of life, it is being at ease with yourself.

Standing here in the balcony listening to the hustle and bustle of the busy life in the city, makes me want to grab my bag and get back home. Do a quick reset by visiting the magic small town living that is my home.

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