Small Town High School Football

Small town football from Van, Texas
Small town football from Van, Texas

High School Football Is King

Before the big time salaries, before the huge signing bonuses, before all that mess, you get young men playing the game of high school football for the sheer love of competing on the gridiron! This is especially true for small towns. High school football is a way of life!

This site is dedicated to giving small town high school football programs all around our great nation the well-deserved attention that has long been due!

There are literally thousands of small town communities all across the United States and that means only one thing. High school football!

Do yourself a favor. This fall, and every fall, go check out these gridiron warriors on a Friday night in a small town of your choosing. You just might find the next NFL Hall of Famer!


Sites just like this in any various small town in any state on a crisp autumn Friday night. Braggin' rights are up for rival teams when they meet once a season. If you have ever played, coached or just a spectator sitting in the stands. You know exactly how the environment feels when from a small town! And depending on how good your team was, you know exactly how those braggin' rights feel!


Small Towns famous for Football


Odessa, Texas


Valdosta, Georgia


Prattville, Alabama

Favorite Small Town After Game Restaurants

Dairy Queen