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Written by: Michelle Warren

small town vibe
Love the small town vibe

When you are deciding which small towns to visit for a high school football game, or just a chance to get away from the big city for a couple days. If you choose to take in a high school football game, you can also take into consideration what else the town has to offer to visitors who are passing through or planning on staying a few days.

One thing most small towns are known for is their antique stores where you can find lots of neat collectibles and you may just find something to add to your collection at home. You can find anything from old chairs to old soda bottles and many more treasures that could be worth a lot of money. You may even find something that reminds you of your childhood or even your parent’s childhood. You just never know what you might find in these shops.

If you get hungry while visiting the town and want a bite to eat, they also have nice mom and pop cafes that are usually family owned and operated. They usually with call the regular customers by name and know exactly what the customer will order when they come in.  You can be guaranteed to get a hometown experience when you go in to eat and leave with more than just a full belly. They usually serve good home cooked food better then you can make yourself. They also tend to sell fresh baked goodies such as cakes and pies, so even if you don’t have room for dessert you can buy it and take it with you. You will probably also hear a lot of stories about the town from the people who live in the town and are in the café eating.

Another thing you may find in some small towns is mom and pop grocery stores. These stores don’t carry all the things a big grocery chain carries but they do carry the important things such as milk, bread, cereal and many personal items you may need in a family-friendly atmosphere.  The mom and pop groceries also carry unique items as well as souvenirs. Just like in mom and pop cafes you can also learn about the town at the mom and pop groceries. Mom and pop groceries, like the mom and pop cafes are usually run by a single family which gives it the homey feel you will love. They will always make you feel at home.

One small town that really should be on your bucket list is Beacon, New York. The town is located in Dutchess County and is approximately 90 miles south of Albany, New York has a population of just under 16,000.  The average temperatures in the summer months are in the lowers 60’s for morning lows and the highs for the afternoon top out in the middle 80’s.

One big attraction to Beacon in the River Pool. Located along the banks of the Hudson River, this oasis offers

Beacon, New York
Family fun at the river

inexpensive fun for the whole family! What could be more fun the taking in the natural beauty while treating your family to a day on the water!





Now you are probably wondering,   “Now where would I stay in a small town that has no hotel or motel and it is too late to drive home after the football game?” You probably think you will have to drive to a bigger town that has a hotel or motel. Don’t worry you can stay the night at a bed and breakfast or what some refer to it as a BnB. A BnB is

You owe yourself a weekend at a bed and breakfast

usually in a house and has anywhere from 4 to 11 bedrooms. Most of the rooms have a private bathroom but once in a while, you may have to share a bathroom with the other guest. In the morning you will have breakfast either in you room, in a dining room or kitchen. Bed and Breakfasts are usually run by the homeowner and they do the cleaning of the rooms and cooking the breakfast the next morning. So if you are tired from all the cheering at the high school football game and want the comforts of home then a bed and breakfast is perfect for you.


The next time you want to go watch a high school football game in a small town, or any reason to getaway, keep in mind what the whole town has to offer as well. You can go watch a football game and do a lot of other fun things while you are in town. Always remember never overlook what a small town has to offer. If you just go watch the football game you could miss out on so many things. So the next time you go to a small town and watch a football game make sure you enjoy everything in that town. I am sure if you do that you will want to visit there again and tell your friends about it so they can enjoy the small town as well.

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