Small Town High School Football Traditions

Written by: Shane Warren, Publisher

For high school kids, football is not just another sport but an entirely different world of dreams. This game can get them a desired scholarship, a career in sports, a chance at fame along with numerous other things. But these dreams come when people realize the joy of football which comes not only through the players but also through the mascots, cheerleaders, coaches and even the fans.

In small towns, there are numerous traditions depending on the location, history and style of the team. After a football game, generally the result is a loss or a win for the team and these small town high school football traditions are responsible for keeping the spirit of the game alive as new ones are made and old ones relived over time. They allow the players to experience the emotions of previous generations and pass on their legacy to the coming players. Depending on the game outcome, a few small town football traditions have been given below:

Post-Victory Traditions

Winning a game can be a reasonable cause for celebration for the entire school. While general small town high school football traditions consist of partying and speeches by coach and players, there can be a few unique traditions as well. Sometimes, after an important victory, or due to a brilliant idea, a new tradition is born which is followed thereafter for every victory. Many teams are known to feed the homeless and poor people of their town after a victory while many thank the fans for their support by offering free snacks and drinks.

A large number of teams also celebrate victory by taking out a rally with their mascots and cheerleaders. Few times a mascot animal is also included in the rally while the band often plays along by the sidelines. Numerous small town high school football traditions after a game in small towns include everyone dancing to the band or music played through speakers. After being inspired by the “Picking up Butch” tradition at Middlebury College, many teams across the nation have adopted traditions to help their disabled and disadvantaged fans reach home easily.

After Defeat Traditions

Losing a game can be disheartening for young high school players due to which coaches and communities often come up with traditions to cheer them up. Sometimes the players may perform a memorable activity such as chanting a motivational slogan or dancing wildly to a song to release the pressure of defeat; such actions can easily turn into a post-game tradition.

Generally, the coach takes the team to a restaurant where they discuss the team’s weaknesses and the players promise to work with more determination for the next match. In many cases, the coach gives a speech detailing just the good performance of each player in the team while giving instructions for further improvement in the future days.

Even in defeat, a large number of  Small Town High School Football Traditions have a habit of keeping a plank, plaque or any object with the name of the opposing team and date of the match. The object is present along with others to remind them of every defeat during each training session for the entire season. In case the team gets a chance to face the same opponent again and win, then the object is often destroyed during victory celebrations through a post-victory tradition.

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